A Brief Guide to Better Understand an ATU In Maui

Property owners need the best septic system to manage their sewage requirements. These systems break down waste products and properly drain them. The manner in which they break down these products and eliminate them determines how effective the system is. An atu in Maui could present property owners with a more efficient option.

What is a ATU?

An aerobic treatment unit utilizes oxygen during the sewage process. Exposure to oxygen helps them to decrease the size of waste products. This is the same process used for public sewage systems. They process waste products at a higher rate than standard septic tanks. They also reduce the volume of contaminants and the impact of adverse soil conditions.

How Does it Manage Waste Products?

They use an aeration chamber to force oxygen into the waste products. This promotes bacterial growth used to break down the particles quickly. Any waste products that don’t break down are transferred into a separate tank. Any waste products that aren’t eliminated are forced back into the original chamber and reprocessed.

What are the Maintenance Requirements?

The steps of maintenance requirements begin with an evaluation of the electrical systems. The technician should ensure that the panels are receiving adequate energy flow. They should also test all alarms connected to the system.

All odors are investigated and filters are changed or cleaned. The technician evaluates the oxygen levels and sludge levels. The pumps that push oxygen into the tank and force waste products into sewage lines are also inspected for proper operation. All toxicity levels are tested to ensure that a health risk isn’t present.

What are the Benefits of These Systems?

The first benefit of these systems is that they perform better than standard choices. They prevent contamination of local groundwater and water supplies. They eliminate the potential for substances such as ammonia to enter into the local water supplies. They are a better choice when the property owner cannot use a standard tank.

Property owners gain great advantages by choosing an alternative to standard septic tanks. These systems decrease risks associated with waste products and public water outlets. They increase the efficiency of sewage systems as well. Property owners who wish to acquire an ATU in Maui should contact their preferred provider today.

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