Three Advantages of Choosing Home Heating Oil in Groton, CT Instead of Propane

Someone having a house built outside of a municipality in Connecticut may not have the option of heating with natural gas. Natural gas pipelines typically don’t extend into rural areas. In this part of the country, that generally means choosing between Home Heating Oil in Groton CT, and liquid propane gas if the homeowner wants to have a furnace. Otherwise, the family can rely on wood heat, which is inconvenient, or electric baseboard heat, which is expensive. Even homeowners who choose to heat with wood generally want a backup furnace for those times they aren’t home and the fire burns out.

Prices fluctuate both for Home Heating Oil in Groton CT, and for liquid propane, so it can be difficult to determine which would be the cheaper option for area homeowners. However, over the past 20 years or so, heating oil prices have tended to be lower. In addition, oil is a more efficient fuel than propane is, so people can use less of it and keep their house at a comfortable temperature. Oil heats up faster, burns hotter, and is used more slowly. That’s especially important in the Connecticut climate, which can have long weeks of harsh winter weather.

Another advantage of oil that many people appreciate is that the tank is located inside the house by the furnace instead of out in the yard where it might be considered an eyesore. Having the tank outside also means that if homeowners want to check the gauge to see how much propane is left, they have to venture outside to do so. That can be unpleasant when the weather is bitterly cold and when snowdrifts are high. Since numerous homeowners call each time for delivery service instead of contracting to have a driver come on a regular basis, this aspect affects many people.

A third advantage is that heating oil companies such as Andersen Oil Company generally offer service contracts for maintenance and repair, while this is not typical of propane delivery providers. To learn about heating oil delivery and service plans from this particular company, check out this site for details.

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