Why Funeral Homes Are Getting More Requests for Cremation in Forest Hill

For decades, almost all Forest Hill residents chose traditional funerals and burials. Some homes even included family cemeteries. Today, Cremation in Forest Hill is just as common. Businesses like Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services typically get dozens of requests from families who want to save money or arrange simple funerals. Clients also consider cremation a “green” choice that can help conserve land.

Cremation Does Not Rule Out Traditional Funerals

Clients who are pre-planning funerals often choose cremation after visiting websites like evansfuneralchapel.com. The online information allows them to select options ranging from basic, no-frills cremations to multi-day viewings and traditional services. If they choose to include a visitation, bodies are displayed in lightweight caskets and, when services are complete, transferred to disposable containers for cremation. These options are now more common because some faiths that once required that bodies be buried have relaxed their rules. Since funeral professionals work with a variety of religions, they ensure that cremations meet clients’ spiritual needs.

Cremation Is an Economical Choice

Although families often choose Cremation in Forest Hill in order to honor relatives’ wishes, it is a financial necessity for others. A simple cremation costs thousands of dollars less than even a basic burial service. There is no cost for embalming, and friends and family can typically say good-bye before the process begins. Staff members will return the cremains to mourners, who may dispose of them as they wish. Even when clients choose to include embalming, visitation, and services, costs are less than burials. They avoid the expense of burial caskets, vaults, and cemetery plots.

Cremation Is a Greener Choice

Environmentally-responsible clients often ask for cremation. That is because human bodies are very toxic when they break down. Their components can poison eco systems, especially if they have been embalmed. Cremation eliminates these issues as well as the problem of degrading caskets. In addition, cremains is often scattered and not buried, saving the valuable land.

Maryland funeral directors now get more requests for cremation than in decades past. That is because more religions accept the practice, and it is an affordable choice that does not rule out traditional services. In addition, cremation can help save land and protect the Earth.

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