5 Reasons Small Law Firms Should Use Facebook Ads

When you have a small law firm, marketing is something that can be very confusing. Most marketing advice is for big, multi-partner firms that have bigger advertising budgets. If you are trying to stand out as a small fish in a big pond, there are ways that you can utilize social media to boost your message. Facebook ads are a fantastic resource for small law firms. Here are five reasons that we encourage all small law firms to consider using this tool:

  • Facebook ads let you target your audience: When you create an ad on Facebook, you have the ability to specify the demographic you want the ad to be shown to. This allows you to carefully target those who are posting about things that pertain to your services. For example, those who are posting about certain keywords regarding relationship issues can be targeted by ads for divorce lawyers.
  • Facebook ads can be customized again and again: You can customize how your ad is presented as many times as you need to ace your small law firm marketing. You can create a video for your ad, use a landing page, send clicks to your Facebook fan page, and more.
  • Facebook ads are affordable: One thing that small law firms must deal with is a lower advertising budget than larger law firms. Facebook ads are very cost effective compared to other vehicles such as Google PPC advertising, and make it easy for small firms to budget their advertising dollars.
  • Facebook ads let you boost your reputation as an expert: Facebook ads are not just for sharing your company message, but can also be used to spread information and educate readers. This allows you the chance to present yourself as the leading industry expert.
  • Facebook ads help you build awareness in your community: Finally, because Facebook is focused on local community, these ads help you connect better with clients in your area. The more you get your name in front of locals, the more your brand will come to be associated with expert advice and information.

Letting Forward Lawyer Marketing Help You

Facebook advertising is part of our overall social media management service, which helps you to get your message online in a consistent, effective way. To learn more about how we can help your small law firm manage online marketing, contact us at (000) 000-9687 to speak with an experienced legal marketing consultant.

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