6 Signs That It’s Time for Drainfield Repair and Waste Disposal Services in OH

With the range of things that can potentially cause drainfield problems, the best thing for homeowners to do when there’s an issue is to call a company that handles Waste Disposal Services in OH. It’s often hard to diagnose these issues without professional help, which is necessary to perform drainfield repair or restoration. Below are a few problems that arise in residential septic systems.

Being Past Due for a Cleaning

The average septic tank should be drained every two to three years. It’s important to follow the schedule, as a too-full tank can cause waste to back up into the drainfield and cause all sorts of problems.

Root Intrusion

Trees in the yard may be beautiful, but their root systems can go beyond what’s seen on the outside. Trees’ roots can get into a home’s drainfield, as well as other parts of the sewage system, and they can cause a great deal of trouble. In many cases, roots will grow toward the drainfield in search of water to nourish the tree.

Grease Clogs

Homeowners should refrain from washing grease down the drain in homes equipped with septic systems, as grease can diminish the oxygen supply in the drainfield and make it unable to do its job.

An Outdated System

Septic systems installed years ago weren’t designed to accommodate today’s large families and modern homes. When a family has outgrown its septic system, full replacement is often the only real option.

Too Much Sludge

A septic system is more than a holding tank for household waste; it’s a delicately balanced system that uses beneficial bacteria to reduce sulfite and sludge buildup. Today’s homeowners often use strong cleaners that upset the balance, which can cause problems with the septic system.

Damage From Vehicles

The drainfield and its piping aren’t built to hold the weight of a vehicle, and they can easily be damaged when visitors park on the lawn. Most residential drainfields are found in the front yard, and parking can be a problem in some cases. Even in cases where a vehicle’s weight doesn’t collapse the entire system, it can compact the surrounding soil, which is another problem.

If there are odors, standing water in the drainfield, or there’s waste backing up into the home, there’s a good chance the system needs drainfield repair or Waste Disposal Services in OH. Call Bluffton Aeration Services today for professional diagnosis and prompt service. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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