You no Longer Have to Suffer Through Cat Grooming in Lenexa KS

Though cats are scrupulous bathers, they do need some grooming services. This is especially true of long-haired cats because their fur tends to shed and become unkempt. Cats also need their nails trimmed back on a regular basis, along with treatments for fleas and ticks. Since these chores are not overly fun for the cat or owner, many people end up hiring a professional to take care of their Cat grooming Lenexa KS. A cat groomer makes sure the cat is well-maintained so their fur and skin are healthy and beautiful.

When a cat is brought in for Cat grooming Lenexa KS, it is important the groomer is knowledgeable of the needs of the particular breed. Some breeds of cats are more prone to skin irritations and may need more pampering than others.

Dry brushing is an important part of grooming and needs to be done gently so as not to irritate the skin or cause the cat to become unnerved. Dry brushing helps to distribute the natural protective oils through the cat’s hair. This helps to keep the hair clean and healthy.

Long-haired cats need more attention to their coat since it is prone to developing kinks. Special brushing tools should be used to gently smooth the hair in the direction of growth. To know more, click here.

Since cats lick themselves to keep clean, it is crucial groomers only use products that are meant to be used on cats. Using products for dogs could make the cat sick and can even prove deadly. This is especially important when it comes to flea and tick products.

When groomers treat cats for fleas they may use two different approaches. A flea bath, sometimes called a dip, washes the cat in a bath treated with flea medication. Since most cats deplore water, many groomers also offer topical flea treatments that are generally better tolerated by most cats.

Whether your cat needs a full grooming session or simply needs a nail trim, contact us. They will be happy to care for your cat’s grooming needs. Call today and learn about the different services they offer so you can schedule your pet’s grooming appointment.

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