The Origins of the Diamonds in Black Diamond Earrings

by | Mar 17, 2015 | Jewelry

Although colorless diamonds are still the most expensive and most sought after diamonds on the market, diamonds are now available in all colors. One of the more elegant looking colors is black. Black diamond earrings really stand-out with yellow gold settings, but they look great with white gold or silver as well.

Are Black Diamonds Natural?

When you see black diamond earrings, you may wonder if the diamond is real or fake. Usually, diamonds in another color are colorless diamonds that are treated to add color to it. Select colorless diamonds undergo treatment because of their flaws, which would otherwise make it virtually worthless on the market. Although natural black diamonds do exist, most pieces with black diamonds that are sold in jewelry stores are diamonds that went through treatment to be black.

How Are Black Diamonds Created?

When you buy black diamond earrings, the diamonds are most likely colorless diamonds that undergo treatment to make them black. Natural black diamonds are very rare and very expensive, but lab-created diamonds are much more affordable. Lower quality colorless diamonds with traces of graphite or carbon undergo treatment with radiation and heat to transform them into black diamonds.

How Expensive Are Black Diamonds?

While natural black diamonds are rare and very expensive, most black diamonds come from a lab and are much more reasonable in price. The diamonds in a pair of black diamond earrings are usually less expensive than colorless diamonds since lower quality diamonds undergo a treatment process to make them black.

For one caret black diamonds, you can expect to pay $1,400 to $1,700 if there are no blemishes. When pricing earrings, remember the caret size is split between the two pieces. So, one caret diamond earrings would mean each piece would be half a caret.

What is the Biggest Difference in Black and Colorless Diamonds?

Aside from the color, one of the most notable differences in black diamonds compared to colorless ones is that they do not sparkle. Colorless diamonds reflect light, and each facet will sparkle if the diamond is flawless. Black diamonds absorb light instead of reflecting it, so they do not sparkle. However, that does not diminish their beauty and these diamonds are becoming increasingly popular.

You can find an array of jewelry made with black diamonds, such as black diamond earrings, black diamond rings, watch bands and pendants. Black diamonds are exquisite looking and a conversation starter since they make for unusual looking jewelry pieces.

For beautiful, unique jewelry, consider giving a gift of black diamond earrings for a birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion. You can also buy black diamond jewelry for yourself as a reward or just because you want them.

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