Will a Chimney Sweep Service in Baltimore, MD Also Provide Duct Cleaning Services?

When most people think of a chimney repair and cleaning service, they don’t consider the possibility the service would also help with cleaning air duct systems. In fact, this type of support is similar to sweeping a chimney. Assuming the chimney sweep service in Baltimore MD does offer help with duct systems, it pays to find out how they do the job and what it will take to schedule a cleaning. Here are some ideas of questions that should be asked.

Are There Any Signs Indicating the Ducts Need Cleaning?

Homeowners with chimneys are aware of the signs it’s time to arrange for a professional Chimney Sweep Service in Baltimore MD to pay a visit. They may not be as familiar with the signs that the duct system could also use some attention. One of the more common indications is a collection of residue around each of the vent covers. A professional will also point out that if the house seems to get dusty a lot faster than it did in the past, it could also mean those ducts need some attention.

Does the Cleaning Involve Harsh Chemicals?

There’s a good chance the professional will use a strategy called air cleaning to remove all the residue from the duct system. This means using a vacuuming system that’s equipped with what is known as an air skipper. Essentially, the equipment is inserted into the system and the skipper is used to dislodge residue on all the interior walls of the duct work. As it is loosened, the vacuum created by the air suction removed the residue and deposits it in a tank located outside the home. The result is that everything collected in the system since the last cleaning is gone and there is no more than a little cleanup that must be done around the vents.

If it’s time for the chimney to be cleaned anyway, why not check out website and see what they offer in the way of a duct inspection and cleaning? There’s no reason both tasks can’t be handled the same day. The result will be a significant improvement in the air quality in the house-;something that everyone living there will appreciate.

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