Two Rules of Utilizing Space on a Tradeshow Floor

Exhibiting your business at a tradeshow can be an excellent opportunity to show off some of your latest and greatest products in real time to a tailor made audience. However, it can be a little tricky deciding how you want to display your goods and services, especially ones with large scale products and services, in such a firm space budget. Here are two major aspects of booth design to help a first time exhibitor maximize their floor space.

Catch the Eye with a Good Backdrop

Since most trade shows are set up with two lanes of booths back to back with each other, each facing a lane of travel, having a sturdy back wall display to catch the eye is an excellent idea. Having a large poster displaying your brand is a good starting place, though slightly more complex designs like a faux house interior or a textured wall is also a great idea. In general, it’s probably a good idea to keep the color palette of the whole display limited to four or so complementary or related colors, but consulting with your graphic designer here should be a good starting space.

Keep it Accessible

Trade shows mean a lot of walking, so allowing plenty of room in your space for foot traffic to flow is key. A gallery of professionally made trade show booths can be found here, but a good general rule is to make sure that somewhere between a third and a half of your floor space is actually left as floor space. Too much can make your space feel empty, and too little can make it feel crowded, so balance is key. Good ideas for props and space fillers are generally a small booth, no more than half the overall width of your allotted space, to hold paperwork or a small interactive demo station.

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