Removing Rust From An Iron Fence Temecula

If rust has formed on portions of an iron fence’s surface, it can be removed by completing the steps below. Afterward, a coat of rust-inhibiting sealer can be applied to an iron fence’s surface to protect iron from becoming rusted again.


  • vinyl tarp
  • water hose
  • detergent
  • bucket
  • scrub brush
  • naval jelly
  • paintbrush
  • emery cloth
  • rust-inhibiting sealer
  • paint tray

Cleaning Iron And Eliminating Rust

After laying a vinyl tarp next to a fence, soapy water and a scrub brush can be used to remove dirt and loose pieces of rust. Iron needs to dry before applying naval jelly to its surface. A paintbrush can be used to add a thin layer of jelly to each rust spot. After a few minutes have passed, rust will begin to dissolve and a scrub brush can be moved back and forth over corroded areas to help remove them. Thick rust sections can be removed by moving an emery cloth over them. An emery cloth is a flexible tool that contains fabric on one side and sandpaper on the opposite side. In order to remove naval jelly or sanding residue, a fence’s surface should be rinsed off with a water hose.

Preventing Rust From Forming

A paint tray can be filled with a rust-inhibiting sealer. Sealer can be applied to an iron surface with a standard paintbrush. A thin paintbrush can be used to cover small crevices and intricate designs with sealer. After sealer has dried, a second coat should be applied if any spots weren’t covered sufficiently with an initial coat. An Iron Fence Temecula will not be susceptible to moisture-related damage. Sealer can be reapplied every few years in order to provide an iron surface with continuous coverage.

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