Why Your Company Needs To Hire An External Emergency Response Team

Workplace safety should be the top priority of any business owner regardless of industry. Safety regulations are getting increasingly strict and there is a greater emphasis on staying safe at work than ever before. Having a response team in place is one of the greatest ways to ensure that your staff stays as safe as possible while on the job. Many companies prefer to train their own rescue team, but this can actually create more complications down the road. Employees with duel duties might not be available for each and every training session, putting the rest of your staff at an increased risk if an emergency arises. One way to reduce that risk is to hire an outside response team to be there if an emergency occurs. Here are just a few other reasons why your company needs to hire an external emergency response team.

Fewer Obligations

When you use your employees as part of your response team, you have certain obligations that you must fulfill. These obligations include paying severance if their position is no longer needed, covering sick leave in certain cases, and paying for their training. When you hire a third-party response team, however, you don’t need to meet any of those obligations. If your project changes or ends early, you don’t need to worry about finding alternate roles or positions for your response team, you can simply terminate the contract instead. Since you are contracting out these needs, you also don’t need to worry about paying severance or what to do in the event one of your team members falls ill.

Lower Costs

When you hire an external response team, you don’t need to worry about paying for them to receive specialized training, or worry about equipment costs. This helps you reduce your overhead, hiring only the individuals you need when you need them. These individuals will already have the training required to ensure overall safety, and will also have the equipment that is essential to the task.

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