Roofing Elements Built For Protection

A properly installed roof made from quality materials will protect your home from the elements for years to come. These roofing elements are an indication of your roof contractor’s commitment to quality.

Leak barrier

This underlayment protection against wind driven rain and ice dams is essential to preventing leaks into your home. If water dams up in your gutters or tries to get through areas with flashing such as chimneys and vent pipes, your leak barrier will protect your home and prevent costly repairs.

Roof deck protection

Roof deck protection is yet another layer of protection between your shingles and the wood of your roof deck. This protection allows your shingles to lay uniformly flat which increases wind resistance. This protection also keeps moisture from resting on the roof deck and later entering your home.

Starter strip shingles

Look for a roofer that specifically uses starter strip shingles. Instead of using cut up shingles that may not have adequate adhesive, using starter strip shingles at the bottom of your roof gives you increased wind resistance.

Attic ventilation

All attics need proper ventilation systems, yet many do not have them, putting their roofing at risk. Attic ventilation systems allow air to flow continually through the attic space. Ventilation is made up of an air intake at the eaves, and an exhaust at the roof’s ridge. Proper ventilation reduces the amount of work your air conditioning system needs to do. If ventilation is inadequate, the resulting damage can consist of premature aging of your wood framing and roof, as well as damage to siding. Proper ventilation in the winter can help avoid excess moisture in the attic, which can soak your insulation and greatly affect your heating efficiency.

A roofing contractor that cares about installing these elements with your shingles is the one you should hire. A job done right will protect your investment in your home for decades to come.

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