Why the F-150 is the King of Trucks

The Ford F-150 has been a leader in the full-size truck class for some time. The F-150 continues to be the top-selling truck of all time. Every year new improvements are made to make the vehicle even better. If you are considering buying a new truck, the F-150 is a must see. Take a look at the reasons the F-150 has maintained its top position for so long.

As Light As It Is Strong

The F-150 has a light frame that has an amazing amount of strength. This is the result of the aluminum alloy material created by Ford. All in all, the F-150 is the lightest truck in the class. The frame’s incredible strength is what makes the truck the perfect example of “Ford Tough.” Try out a Ford F-150 in Crestwood for a first-hand look.

An Engine for All

Ford gives everyone the opportunity to get the engine they want in an F-150. You can choose from four different engine types. Most people shoot for the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 which pumps out an impressive 375-horsepower. This V6 engine is the perfect combination of power and economy. The new 10-speed transmission adds even more utility to the F-150. You just have to get in the driver’s seat to experience the performance the F-150 is known for.

Stay Connected With SYNC

The new F-150 makes great use of Ford’s SYNC technology. SYNC helps keep you connected to your F-150 at all times. The SYNC 3 system lets you make changes to the climate control on the fly. You can also take full control over your audio experience. All this can be done without even shifting your gaze from the road. FordPass is another option that allows you to check your gas level and door locks right from your smartphone. Its never been easier to be connected to your Ford F-150 in Crestwood.

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