Why More Businesses Change to Single Face Laminate Packaging

Rising use of single face lamination has rapidly developed the graphic printing marketplace, especially when there is a high need to print direct to corrugated material. The advancement in technology of foaming adhesive has proved popular because of the natural thickness of the material and the sponge like quality. There are a wide variety of benefits for companies moving to full color, single face laminate packaging.

Exciting The Customer

Customers won’t realize that the changes in manufacturing and packaging result in a range of adhesives that are formulated to become a foaming adhesive. What they will be excited about is the high quality of modern packaging presentations.

The single face laminate packaging makes the product, packaged from the smallest corrugated box to the largest, easier for businesses to sell. The consumer enjoys high quality packaging, as long as it appears and meets environmentally friendly expectations.

The ability to present vibrant photography bringing real-life graphical versions of the products inside, is essential in today’s marketplace.

Who Opens the Box?

A range of products are boxed at the original manufacturers location and are shipped elsewhere. Some product boxes are opened at the second location to add specific documentation as a local requirement. With poor quality corrugated material, those boxes can tear, rip and lose their initial attraction. Companies that are prepared to look to the future and use modern foaming adhesives for their corrugated boxing, and applying single face laminate graphics, will see that the boxes retain their quality throughout and to the end sale.

Who Uses Single Face Laminate Packaging?

A multitude of companies apply single face laminate packaging for their products. They know that this method combines both the strengths of the packaging with its attractiveness.

They are also ideal for heavier products due to its tremendous strength. For businesses that require their displays to be retail ready and show high quality graphics, this forms a great opportunity to apply a color, large format printing, with a wide range of special effects. When a business decides to update or change the design, the low costs involved help the company to be able to plan ahead and make changes without large costs involved.

Customers still purchase products based upon what they can see first before considering the product inside. When they are attracted to the quality of the material of the packaging and the superiority of the print quality, they are more likely to inspect the product, which may lead to a sale.

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