When to Call a Pest Company for Termite Control in Queens

Termites are a surprisingly common household pest that, if left unchecked, can reproduce quickly and wreak havoc on any wooden structure. A termite infestation can cause significant structural damage, leaving homes in uninhabitable condition over time. Termite queens can reproduce at a rate of around 1,000 eggs every day once they have reached their peak reproductive age, so the best time to deal with Termite Control in Queens is as soon as the first bug has reared its tiny ugly head.

Some of the services offered by professional pest control companies often include liquid termite barriers, the use of in-ground bait, and preventative measures like structural modification. Only a professional can determine which methods will be most effective in any given situation, as considerations like soil condition and the original construction materials will weigh heavily on what options are appropriate.

The most common type of termite in the continental United States is subterranean. This can make identifying the problem particularly tricky, so homeowners who are unsure of whether or not they have a termite problem should schedule an evaluation as soon as possible. During this evaluation, a pest control specialist will inspect the home, making diagrams of affected areas and taking photographs to use for later reference. Construction details will also be taken into account in order to better determine the best course of action and provide a framework for where termiticides and other measures will need to be used. The exact specifications and placement of bait stations is typically determined using this diagram.

Some signs of infestation that are recognizable even to the untrained eye are mud tunnels, hollowed out wood, and blistered paint. Winged termites are visible to the naked eye and often make an appearance on windowsills and door frames. Those who noticed a visible termite presence should consider making an emergency appointment for evaluation and remediation.

Most home treatments can be completed in just a few hours, although larger structures may require more time. Putting off termite control in Queens can only lead to more damage. Contact Metro Pest Control Inc. for more information about termites and termite control, or to schedule an evaluation. They offer emergency services, ecologically friendly control options, and consistently quick response times.

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