Maintenance And Your CNC Plasma Cutter

When you are looking at a CNC plasma cutter for sale, it is important you understand you are making an investment. It does not matter what size, type or model you choose, the important thing is it performs what you need it to do. This requires making sure you always keep it in excellent working order. To accomplish this, you need to put in place a thorough and regular maintenance regime.


A plasma cutting system is complex. While the problem may seem to be the result of a single part, in reality, it may be the result of several integrated factors. Remember, with plasma systems you have:

  • CAM software
  • CNC
  • Drive motors
  • Gearboxes
  • Torch height control
  • Gas flow control
  • Plasma cutting system

These work together to provide you with the accuracy and fine edge cutting your products and clients specify.

Maintenance Programs

The role of any maintenance program is preventative. Actions may require daily, weekly, monthly or annual checking. Do:

  • Verify gas inlet pressure
  • Inspect air filters, air hoses, coolant hoses and torch leads
  • Check coolant level, flow, and state
  • Examine for gas leaks
  • Scrutinize electrical components
  • Check your ground and work lead links

By carefully examining the parts of your plasma cutter for sale, you are helping them to function properly for years to come.

Considering a CNC Plasma Cutter for Sale

When looking at the latest or even a used plasma cutter for sale, it is important to factor the need of maintenance into your costs. All parts of the plasma system need to function together. If they do not do so, what emerges will not be best possible cut edge quality, preciseness, and speed. To make sure the system maintains its sought-after production and productivity qualities, it is essential to put into place a consistent and regulated maintenance program.

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