When Post-Divorce Modifications May Be Needed

Keeping a relationship together is no easy task. There may come a time where you and your spouse think going your separate ways is a good idea. Going through a divorce can produce a lot of stress and worry. Once the divorce is finalized, there is a still a chance that modifications will have to be done.

When these situations arise, working with a Downers Grove divorce lawyer is important. They will be able to help you navigate your way through the complexities of post-divorce modifications. Below are some of the instances where these types of modifications may need to be made.

Circumstances Have Changed In Regards to Child Support or Alimony

Among the most common situations that will usually lead to post-divorce modifications is a change in circumstances regarding child support or alimony payments. Generally, a judge will come up with the amount of spousal or child support a person has to pay based on what they make. If a person loses their job or is promoted and making more money, a post-divorce modification may need to be made.

A judge will be able to review the new circumstances brought before them and rule on how the child support or alimony payments need to be altered. With the help of a Downers Grove divorce lawyer, you can get the favourable outcome you expect in regards to this type of post-divorce modification.

A Change of Location is Needed

One of the biggest stipulations in a child custody agreement is that the primary guardian can’t move out of state. In some instances, certain situations will arise that will require you to move to another state. If your ex-spouse is onboard with this move, then these proceedings will go smoothly. If they are contesting the move, a Downers Grove divorce lawyer will have to work with you to build a case. Once the judge hears your reasons for moving, they will pass down a ruling that both parties have to abide by.

The right Downers Grove divorce lawyer can help you file and fight for the post-divorce modifications you want.

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