Why Many Industries Turn to Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

When you think of custom hydraulic cylinders you might think they are only for a select few businesses with specific needs. In reality, many industries utilize hydraulics and depend on special cylinders for improved performance and longer wear. Here are some of the industries which depend on hydraulics and sometimes require specialized equipment.

Why Custom Made Cylinders?

You might have standard equipment which has unique needs. Perhaps you own a cherry picker which has to lift materials beyond the capacities of normal machines. It is possible to modify this kind of equipment but it may require changes to the hydraulic system. Special cylinders (made for the job) can be created by a reputable cylinder manufacturer.

Concrete Contractors

Not all concrete work is as simple as preparing the area, bringing in the trucks and dumping the concrete. Some construction projects require special pumping equipment and may not be easy to access. Some of these machines must be modified to perform a wide range of concrete pumping without tipping over, and this often requires the addition of custom hydraulic cylinders.

Logging Industry

Logging places some of the highest demands on hydraulic equipment today. Machines must sometimes work in conditions of high heat and overcome obstacles like large rocks, dirt and debris. This provides an environment where hydraulics are often pushed to the limit and this requires specialized equipment, made specifically for forestry applications.

Fire Departments

Fire and rescue workers must have durable and dependable equipment and hydraulics plays a major role in many applications. In fact, in rescue operations, it is often a matter of life and death and time is of the essence. There is no time for delays caused by faulty or worn out equipment.

Mining Operations

The mining industry often deals with materials of enormous weight and their dump trucks must be able to withstand far more than any other kind of dump truck in the world. Mining involves a lot of excavation and sometimes special rock crushing equipment which depends on heavy duty custom hydraulic cylinders.


The agriculture industry is responsible for feeding the country and parts of the world today. Hydraulic applications make it possible for a wide range of automated equipment which not only reduces labor and time, it makes food more affordable for everyone.

Automotive Hauling

Towing and hauling autos is serious business and requires heavy duty equipment. Thanks to specialized custom hydraulic cylinders, large applications capable of towing huge vehicles are possible.

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