Why Choosing the Best Grave Monuments in Connecticut Takes Expert Help

Choosing a grave monument is never a pleasant task and, without expert help, it can be overwhelming. That is why businesses like Shelley Brothers Monuments focus on providing sensitive, expert help. Their Monuments in Connecticut are available in a variety of styles, colors and materials that fit cemetery requirements and client needs. Experts also help customers select meaningful gravestone lettering and art.

Cemeteries Often Determine Choices

Professionals listen to their clients’ needs and wants and then explain any cemetery restrictions. For example, families may be planning a large stone marker but learn that their burial ground allows only slant markers or tablets. Some have material, size, or height limitations to ensure a uniform appearance. However, even when craftsmen are restricted by rules, they can create elegant, durable memorials.

There Are Many Materials and Styles Available

Monuments in Connecticut are offered in a range of materials, colors, and shapes. As a result, many clients visit a monument company’s website, view a gallery, and then choose the “contact us” option to get more information. Professionals will then explain the benefits and features of choices like sandstone, slate, limestone, granite, bronze, or marble. Some families even want iron or wood markers. Most materials are available in a range of colors. Stone is typically available in black, gray, pink, rose, and mahogany. Craftsmen design markers shaped like crosses and will create sculptures. They offer stones that include vases, and some are even made to hold cremains. Clients may also opt for a classic tablet, plaque, stele, capped stone, nameplate, or pedestal with surmount.

Experts Offer Custom Inscriptions and Art

Craftsmen also have decades of experience helping customers choose meaningful lettering and memorial art. Most now combine old-world artisan skills with computer software to create renderings for clients. Technicians help customers choose fonts and colors. They may even guide them to poems or sayings that reflect their sentiments. Professionals can also add laser photos, symbols, and a variety of finishes.

Experienced monument specialists skillfully and compassionately help clients to make wise choices. They explain cemetery restrictions and then offer customers a range of elegant materials in a variety of colors. Craftsmen will also add any inscriptions or artwork that clients choose.

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