Using Decorative Painting in Dayton OH To Make A Fireplace Look Like Marble

by | Apr 28, 2016 | Home Improvement

If someone wishes to improve the appearance of a cement-faced fireplace, they may want to try their hand at decorative painting in Dayton OH. Giving cement the appearance of marble is a trendy look that many love. Here are some general directions one could use to do this type of work.
First, the homeowner will want to go to a library to look at books that include photos of marble. This will give them an idea of the pattern and help them determine what colored paint they want to use. Next, a trip to a paint store is needed. The person will need to select three shades of the same hue of paint. The color should have a light, medium, and dark shade to be used to make a marbled look.

Paint the cement fireplace using the medium shade of the paint and allow to dry. Afterward, dip a sea sponge into the lighter shade of the same color. Randomly place markings on the cement using the sponge. Switch to the darkest colored paint and use the sea sponge to apply random blobs of paint to the surface. There is no need to wash the sponge in between colors as this will just add to the realistic marble look. End with the medium shade once again, covering bits of the light and dark markings as a result.

When the paint dries, dip a paintbrush into the lightest shade and draw random lines over the dried paint. This will appear as the veins that marble has present in the pattern. Cover the entire painted surface with a sealant to protect it from rubbing away prematurely. The end result is a beautiful fireplace anyone would be proud to show off to friends and family.

If someone wishes to get the look of marble without doing the job themselves, they can call a service that does Decorative Painting in Dayton OH. A painting specialist would come to the home to add the coloring to the fireplace. Call Able Custom Painting to schedule an appointment for an evaluation of the job to be done if desired.

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