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There’s nothing more important than family. From brothers and sisters to aunts and uncles, your family can be your closest bond and the most important people in your life. However, this can lead to some tricky issues should you ever need to involve the legal system in your domestic life. While sometimes this can be done for positive reasons, such as marriage and adoption, there are times where you must use the law to separate yourself from your relatives, either through a divorce, annulment, emancipation, or other similar legal proceedings.

If you have questions regarding what legal steps need to be taken in these and other situations, it’s best that you consult a family law attorney in Carlsbad to figure out what your rights are, and what they can do for you.

Marriage and Divorce

The most common situation that involves a family law attorney is the act of marriage, or, conversely, the act of divorce. When it comes time to couple or uncouple a relationship, there are certain legal steps that need to be taken to ensure all parties involved have equal rights. In marriage, this can be the creation of a prenuptial agreement or setting up a legal marriage status in your state. For divorce, this can include the separation of property and assets, as well as delicate subjects like child support and alimony. If you are in, or about to start either process, contact Fischer and Van Thiel, L.L.P immediately to make the proceedings as quick and painless as possible. We have over 50 years of experience in family law, so we can be your best asset, regardless of your situation.

Child Custody and Support

Another significant aspect of family law is dealing with the legal rights of parents, guardians, and the children themselves. In a divorce, it’s important to decide which parent will retain full legal custody of the kids, or whether they would be better off with a different legal guardian, such as a grandparent. When it comes to these situations, delicacy is critical not only to ensure an amicable agreement but for the welfare of the children and parents. Family law attorneys are trained to handle these situations with the care and attention they deserve.

Whether you’re looking to add to your family, or split from your current relatives, a family law attorney in Carlsbad can help you through whatever process you’re experiencing. Contact us today and we can lend our decades of expertise and knowledge to your case.

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