Why Choose A Med Spa Service

Today, people have a wide range of services they can select to help them achieve the look they want. For many people, the terminology and the services offered at the different options can be confusing, especially when it comes to choosing a regular spa treatment or a Med Spa service.

Any time you choose a Med Spa service you should make sure you are at a Medical Spa which is also known as a Medi Spa or a Med Spa. This is because these services provide a greater range of clinical treatment options, procedures and skin and facial care products.

The Staff Difference

A real Med Spa service will be supervised by a cosmetic surgeon and licensed medical professional. The medical estheticians will also be licensed estheticians and will often have other certifications to allow them to provide additional procedures. Most professionals working in Med Spas have years of experience in providing the services offered through the clinic, and new staff is carefully supervised in all procedures.

These can include laser hair removal, laser skin resurfacing, dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, PhotoFacials/IPL and even DOT Therapy (Dermal Optical Thermolysis), which is highly effective in removing even significant acne scars. Typically, the medical estheticians have areas of specialization and may have advanced professional training in specific skin care technics and practices.

The Equipment Difference

By choosing a Med Spa service over a similar procedure done in a regular day spa you not just have the professional expertise and supervision, but you also have the latest in equipment and technology.

Medical grade equipment is extremely costly, and many spas have only the essential equipment. Medical spas, on the other hand, use cutting edge technology in their practice. It is not unusual for a Med Spa service to end up costing less since fewer treatments are required to achieve the same effects.

In addition, it is common to hear from people choosing treatments at a day spa that they have had less than pleasant experiences. Some of these can result in burns to the skin, especially with incorrectly calibrated lasers, as well as a higher risk of infections and post-treatment complications.

These issues are extremely rare with a Med Spa service. As a licensed cosmetic surgeon oversees the procedure, there is a greater level of medical attention available if there is anything unusual during the procedure. In addition, complications during or after procedures are extremely low, giving patients a sense of trust and comfort before, during and after their appointment.

Choosing a Med Spa service over a traditional spa is the safest option for any facial treatments with possible risks. To learn more about our Med Spa at Chicago Cosmetic Institute visit us online at website or check out our Facebook page.

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