Tough, Versatile 6061 Aluminum for Any Application

by | Jul 1, 2015 | Aluminum Supplier

When it comes to aluminum alloys, there are a multitude of grades to choose from. Type 6061 aluminum is ideal for all sorts of demanding construction and architecture applications, as well as various everyday uses. Grade 6061 offers a wealth of crucial benefits, such as high strength, corrosion resistance, anodizing capabilities, and aesthetically pleasing finishes. Whenever strength, flexibility, and appearance are necessities, type 6061 covers all bases. Additionally, it’s easily attainable through dependable aluminum suppliers and extruders.

Reliable Wrought Alloy
Out of the 6000 series of aluminum alloys, grade 6061 is one of the most widely used. It’s comprised of various components, including aluminum, magnesium, titanium, copper, iron, and other materials. Grade 6061’s strength-to-weight ratio puts it at the forefront of aluminum alloys. Generally, type 6061 is a tough, versatile alloy that’s used in industries across the board – particularly the aircraft and automotive fields. In addition, type 6061 is fairly easy to heat treat and re-heat treat. Despite losing some strength during welding, 6061 can easily be treated afterward to strengthen it.

Many Uses
Due to its array of strengths, 6061 aluminum is sought-after for a wide range of projects and applications. It’s ideal for virtually any project involving complex construction and architecture. From valves and electrical fittings, to cars and planes, to foil and soda cans, type 6061 can be found anywhere and everywhere. As a wrought alloy, 6061 is available in plate, bar, extruded shapes, and other forms. Through a seasoned company, you can find the OEM and customized aluminum pieces you need to bring your project to life.

Buy from the Experts
Contrary to what many believe, the quality of aluminum varies depending on the supplier’s experience and integrity. From shipping, to storing, to extruding aluminum, there are a multitude of important procedures manufacturers must follow. Despite its overall strength and resilience, aluminum delivers the most satisfying results when it’s supplied by experienced professionals. Whether you need 6061 aluminum plate, or customized extruded bar, choosing a skilled company will make all of the difference. They’ll take your unique goals into account, and help you choose or fabricate the components you need for your next application.

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