Why Call Professionals for Hood Cleaning in Waterloo, IA?

by | May 30, 2017 | Fire and Security

Residential and commercial ranges and ovens with overhead hoods are typically equipped with grease traps and fans that prevent excessive buildup. Filters trap particles and fumes from cooking to keep the air quality in the kitchen healthy. While wiping down the hood is fine for daily maintenance, the hood does have to be deep cleaned at specific intervals to remove flammable residue from the inside. It also has to be completely cleaned to keep the fans, traps, and filters operating efficiently. In residential settings, this can be done once or twice a year to eliminate a fire hazard. Professional Hood Cleaning in Waterloo IA is cost-effective and much easier than attempting to deep clean it yourself. They have the ideal tools for the job and can complete it faster due to experience and efficiency.

Commercial settings have to be cleaned much more often due to heavy usage. Compliance with health and safety regulations dictate the frequency based on the size and purpose of the hooded area. A fryer hood at a fast food restaurant, for example, requires professional Hood Cleaning in Waterloo IA frequently. A maintenance agreement with professionals can save money and ensure deadlines do not pass. Proper documentation will be available for inspections and insurance rates may be lower because liability and fire risks will be decreased with a contract.

Large restaurants tend to have state-of-the-art traps and fans to accommodate the use of the kitchen. Deep cleaning may be required quarterly. In addition to hood cleaning, deep cleaning of the entire commercial kitchen is also offered. Grease, particles, and ingredients can be scattered on all types of surfaces, including the floor. Deep cleaning prevents slips and falls, drastically reduces the possibilities of pest infestation, and presents an impressive appearance.

Another way to reduce fire hazards in any kitchen is to have the right fire extinguishers and the right number of them for each station. A home kitchen, depending on the size, will only need one extinguisher that is effective on all types of fires, including grease and electrical ones. A commercial kitchen will have several. Providing, servicing, and inspecting fire extinguishers are offered services as well for safety and convenience. Home and business owners can Click Here for details on hood cleaning, fire extinguishers, and other related services.

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