The Importance Of Regular Dental Checkups

The American Dental Association is very keen on reminding people that should arrange to see their dentist every six months. Regular visits to your Yorktown Heights NY dentist are an essential component in the health of your teeth and gums. In the periods between visits it is your responsibility to brush and floss regularly.

What to expect during your checkups:

Checking for tooth decay is only one stage when you have a thorough dental checkup. Before the dentist goes about his or her business a dental hygienist will clean your teeth professionally, removing any built up plaque and tartar, ending with a polish. Your Yorktown Heights NY dentist then evaluates the health of your gums and examines your head and neck looking for any problems and checks your mouth for evidence of oral cancer. The final stage of a regular dental checkup is looking carefully at each tooth to determine if there are the early beginnings of decay.

Identifying bad habits:

It is easy to pick up habits that are detrimental to your oral health; in many cases you may not even realize that you have them. Certain habits, such as chewing ice, biting your nails, grinding your teeth and tightly clenching your jaws can quickly lead to problems.

The results of problems such as these are identifiable to the dentist; there will be premature wear and perhaps cracks on the surface of your teeth. During a regular dental checkup your dentist will point out these issues and suggest that you work on overcoming the bad habits that you have fallen into. Obviously, if there is damage to your teeth your dentist will set an appointment to fix the damage.

Skipping your regular dental checkup might not seem like a big deal but it is amazing just how quickly problems can develop and progress. Do yourself a big favor; see your dentist every six months.

Your teeth will last a lifetime if they are properly maintained; an important part of your dental routine is to schedule checkups every six months with your Yorktown Heights NY dentist. You are welcome to call Northeast Dental, PLLC and set an early appointment.

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