Why Buy Eclipse Viewing Glasses?

by | May 18, 2015 | Eyeglasses

Safe viewing parties for solar eclipses are often set up by communities. They provide positive social functions in a secure environment to participate in various activities. Social interactions between solar events generate new interest in the fields of science and technology.

Eclipse viewing glasses are in high demand at such functions. People want to see the solar event with their own eyes. It is a good idea to have the glasses readily available. Large groups of people need easy access to portable and affordable means of watching an eclipse.

Eclipse viewing glasses are a safer and alternative approach to other methods. They are lightweight, compact, easy to use and can be saved for later use. Big parties can affordably purchase large quantities of glasses to provide enough for everyone.

They are made of cheaper but sturdy materials resembling classic 3D glasses. The lenses are not multi-colored but are instead heavily tinted with protective material.


Eclipse viewing glasses were created to provide a safe and effective way for people to see a solar eclipse. The need for greater protection outweighs older methods. Pinholes and paper and the mirrors and cylinder techniques leave eyes exposed.

Curious onlookers who use these traditional methods are still vulnerable to eye damage. The fascination with eclipses entices people to risk a glance. Even a small peak can cause serious burns to the retina. This often results in partial or total blindness.

The glasses utilize newer technology film and filters. Lenses coated in the material protect sensitive eyes from UVA and UVB rays. Infrared radiation is a big concern. The coating removes any stray wavelengths of radiation to protect eyes from exposure. Intense visible light is filtered down to a comfortable level.

People can now experience natural images of an eclipse event. The protective layers provide a soft orange hue that produces clear and crisp lines. Viewers are presented with new opportunities to take pictures. This was never possible before.


Because viewing glasses are made with readily available materials, they are easy to produce in large quantities. Online retailers offer affordable options. Shipping costs are kept to a minimum with big orders. The glasses are compact and easy to package.

They can even be made to fit a particular group or organization. The cardboard material that makes up the frames can be printed with logos or a variety of different designs.

Families and private parties can purchase smaller quantities in local specialized shops. Science, technology, and educational based stores can carry them in stock.

In whatever situation, educational opportunities exist for proper viewing of a solar eclipse. Close monitoring of young children is needed to ensure proper uses of the glasses.

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