History of Refrigeration and Ice Machines

Dr. John Gorrie, is considered the inventor of refrigeration and an air cooling system, which he designed in the year of 1850. Dr. Gorrie was born in the West Indies to Scottish parents, but spent his early childhood in South Carolina. He became a general physician, a scientist, humanitarian, and an inventor. After Dr. Goorie’s refrigeration patent, came another refrigeration ice making patents in 1853 to 1866, when Thaddeus Lowe invented the first commercially produced ice machine, which was introduced in Dallas, Texas.

In the late 1800’s, home refrigerators began to replace old-fashioned ice boxes, even though they did not have any freezer compartments. However, by the 1920s, refrigerators did develop freezer compartments with areas for ice cube trays for the convenience of homemakers. In 1953, the Servel company introduced their refrigerator design with a built in ice maker. In 1965, the Frigidaire Company introduced their refrigerator with an ice maker in the door and a water dispenser.

Current Ice Machine Styles

Current ice machines are available for commercial and residential use, in varying sizes and capacity. Ice machines are available in the following designs:

* Full Cube Ice – full cube ice machines resemble a cube shape with lots of ice making surfaces. It is available as a “standalone,” an “undercounter model,” and a “combination ice machine and bin unit.”
* Half Cube Ice – a half cube ice maker is a larger size model with large cubic ice measurements. It is available as a standalone, undercounter, and combination ice machine and bin unit.

Ice Shapes

A popular brand is the Manitowoc Ice Machine with its cuber, flakers, nugget, and large industrial designs. Each specialized ice machine, which makes unique looking ice which is used in hotels, bars, and unique events. Ice types add an interesting look and a tasteful style to all types of drinks. These styles include:

* Gourmet Ice – this ice shape has a unique top hat shape, which melts slowly in a drink.
* Crescent Ice – given its name, ice is formed in a crescent moon shape. The shape permits the ice to be packed together, allowing for more liquids.
* Octagonal Ice – this ice formation has an octagonal shape, and it also allows more liquids to be dispensed.
* Regular Cube – this ice shape is a rhomboid shape which nearly every home has.
* Tubular Ice – this ice is a popular style for people who like to eat ice. It is cylindrical in shape.
* Crushed Ice – this is another popular style ice, which is small pieces of ice which have been crushed to make drinks cooler.
* Nugget Ice – Nugget ice is easy to chew but requires an ice scooper to retrieve it from an ice machine.

Manitowoc Ice Machine Models

The award-winning Manitowoc Ice Machine is available in models that can produce all the aforementioned ice styles and designs. It began its manufacturing of refrigeration equipment during World War II. The Manitowoc Ice Machine brand name remains dependable, and their products are Energy Star certified.

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