What Your Cross Country Moving Company In Atlanta Needs To Know

If you live in Atlanta and you need a cross country moving company, also known as a long distance moving company, there are several things you should know before you start making phone calls.
Even if you don’t have all the information, as long as you have the basics the cross country moving company will still be able to provide you with the information you need. Be prepared to have the company request an in-person survey of your home before providing any specific information about the cost of the move.

Getting an Estimate

Some of the less experienced and less reputable companies out there will provide an online or by phone estimate for your move. However, these are typically non-binding estimates, which means that the price can be significantly higher once the actual move occurs.

With a top cross country moving company, you will receive a binding estimate or a not to exceed the estimate. Both of these ensure that the amount quoted, provided there are no changes or omissions on your part, will be what you pay. In the case of a guaranteed not-to-exceed, you will be charged the lesser of the estimated amount or the actual amount based on the weight.

It is very important to be specific if all the contents of the home are being moved from Atlanta or if some are going to be given away, sold or otherwise not be shipped. This is essential for large items that can impact the estimate.


It is essential for a cross country moving company in Atlanta to know the dates you need to move. This is because there are peak moving times and off-peak times in the moving industry. If you can move between September and May of any year, especially if you can avoid loading on a weekend, you can often take advantage of lower rates or incentives that are offered for those off-peak moving times.

Unless you have a very large home and a lot of furniture and items, your possessions will typically be one of the several households on the truck. The moving company will provide the drop-off of your shipment at the destination as a window or range of possible dates. The best cross country moving company in Atlanta will offer online tracking of your shipment, allowing you to plan more accurately for the truck’s arrival.

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