DIY Bumble Bee Control in Pittsburgh

Bumble bees can be irritating and annoying. Beyond being irritating and annoying, they do often sting. Unfortunately, where there is one bumble bee, chances are there are several others. To get rid of a bumble bee hive, follow these tips for Bumble Bee Control in Pittsburgh.

Protect Yourself

Before knocking down a bumble bee hive, adequately protect yourself. Dress from head to toe in light colored clothing, Bees tend to be angered by darker colors. Make sure long pants, long-sleeved shirts, boots, and gloves are worn. No part of the body should be visible. A beekeeper’s veil is also a great idea to use in order to cover the face. Do not wear anything that is scented the day of the removal. Stray from deodorant, perfumes, scented body lotions, and colognes. Bees will mistake these scents for the scent of a flower.

The Process

Before knocking down the hive, the bees inside the hive will need to be killed. To do this, lightly tap on the beehive, Remain silent and listen for the buzzing sound of the bees. Wherever the sound is coming from is where the nest is. Once the nest is located, lightly hit the hive with a hammer. This will make a tiny hole in the hive. Immediately following this, spray insecticide inside the hole and move away from the hive as quickly as possible. Allow the insecticide to sit in the hive for a day or so.

Once the next day approaches put back on the protective gear and visit the hive. Tap on the hive once again and listen for any noise. If there is no noise, then the hive is ready to be removed. This means the bees are dead, and the insecticide did its job. To remove the hive, knock it off of its location with a broom stick and quickly place it in a large plastic bag that can be tied. The bag can now be put out for trash pickup.

Follow these tips to do your own DIY Bumble Bee Control in Pittsburgh. For any additional information about removing bees and their hives, contact The-Beeman and visit the website.

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