Family Law in Walker, MN: Steps to Take After Receiving Divorce Papers

Some divorces are well anticipated, coming after years of resentment and separation. In other instances, divorce papers can come as a complete shock to the recipient. After learning of an impending divorce, clients must take action to protect their future and their rights. Below are several steps to take after receiving divorce paperwork.

Read Them Carefully

When given divorce papers, it is vital to read them thoroughly. Paperwork may contain a significant amount of important information, such as the court in which the request was made. Knowing this can be extremely helpful in cases where a couple is estranged, and the petition is made in a different state. Papers should list a deadline for response, and they should indicate whether the other spouse has an attorney or they have filed on their own.

In jurisdictions requiring it, papers also allege the grounds for the divorce. They might also contain requests for spousal and child support, and they typically contain information on child custody and visitation as well as matters of asset and debt division.

Offer a Response

Divorce paperwork should indicate how long a person may wait before responding to the petition. The deadline is usually thirty days from the date of service, but spouses should be certain in this regard. If the deadline passes with no response, the petitioning spouse might get everything requested in the paperwork.

In most cases, responses are given through an attorney practicing family law in Walker, MN, but some spouses offer a response of their own accord. If a spouse fails to respond to the petition, they may forfeit any legal arguments and rights. The other spouse must respond to each statement individually and cannot offer a blanket denial.

Hire a Lawyer

A divorce can have long-lasting effects on a spouse’s life, and it is important to hire a lawyer that practices family law in Walker, MN. Even if the receiving spouse believes they agree with all the allegations made, they can Meet Borden Steinbauer Krueger & Knudson P.A. and have an attorney look over the papers and outline their legal rights and choices. If the divorce is later contested, the spouse will have an advocate in court.

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