The Classic White Picket Ornamental Fence is Filled with Potential Beauty

The picket fence is a staple. It begins with the classic idea of a two-foot-tall white picket fence circling a nice suburban home. The white picket fence is a standard and not well known for being extravagant or easily customized. But, it is actually an idea that can go through a lot of forms, turning from a modest little classic to a gorgeous addition to the front or back yard.

Big Beautiful Flowers

Any color of flower matches with white, and designers can align their white picket fence with luxurious and vibrant colorations. There are a few brightly colored flower types that grow well in Tulsa, Oklahoma. One of the most beautiful is the Rudbeckia. These purple and golden yellow are aggressively growers, so tight maintenance is needed during the spring and summer. But, they are easy to grow and are well-regarded for their gorgeous brightness.

Irises are, arguably, the most popular flower in Tulsa. They usually come in blue or yellow, and they are sensational to align against a white fence. They do not grow that high, so they are suitable complements against a smaller-sized fence that is more present for the look. Daylilies are commonly considered the easiest flower to grow, often to the extent that many consider them a weed.

The Benefits of Height

Jenks Fence has fences that go upwards of eight feet and are used as a security measure and for privacy. With the added height, landscapers have a bit more they can do with accessories that go on the actual fence. Stylistically, many people prefer a short Ornamental Fence. There is a trend towards fences that range from one foot to three feet tall. The fence is not functional as a form of privacy, but it does create a framing for the yard. Individuals who prefer flowers more than the fence can do a lot with a short fence that exposes the Rudbeckias and the Irises.

As an Ornamental Fence, the white picket fence is quite standard. Yet, there is enough versatility in the height and the wood to allow for an assortment of whimsical design choices, pleasant accessories, and exceptional landscapes. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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