What You Should Know about Updating Your Kitchen in Lancaster, PA

When you are making updates in your home, you have to review all facets of the design. This can become quite comprehensive if the room features a variety of fixtures. That is why you need to work with a company that offers blueprint and design capabilities.

Planning a Design

One of the rooms that deserves extra special attention is the kitchen. You need to concentrate on the following areas when making an update:

  • Cabinets
  • Countertops
  • Sinks
  • Lighting
  • Faucets

Therefore, when you are making plans to redesign your kitchen in Lancaster, PA, you should review each of the above items before synchronizing them into your kitchen’s design. You also need to make sure that the plumbing and electrical systems are compatible with the fixtures you install.

One of the installations that involve a good deal of attention is the cabinets. In fact, the cabinetry forms the backbone in the design. That is why you must incorporate the cabinets, so they make the most of the space’s floor plan and size. When selecting kitchen cabinets, you also need to review various styles and layouts.

Base and Wall Cabinets

The base cabinets in the design are more noticeable while hanging wall cabinets may be included or replaced by backsplashes or windows. When wall cabinets are used, they generally extend toward the ceiling, so the space high-up can be used for storing items that are not used frequently. These items may include cookware or serving bowls. Some wall cabinets are stretched from the floor to the ceiling and are featured on an accent wall.

Today, many homeowners are opting for cherry wood in their cabinetry. They like the dark and rich finish featured by the cabinets. Other alternatives include sapele, bamboo, or mahogany. Glazing on cabinets is being phased out and is being replaced with a more textured look or brush finishes that show off the grain in wood. Learn more about these products by contacting a design company, such as Walter & Jackson Inc., either online or by phone.

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