Effective Systems Solutions With Fristam Powder Blending Equipment

by | May 11, 2018 | Industrial Goods and Services

Blending powder into a fluid is not an easy task for most types of equipment. Often the powder clumps and lumps rather than completely blends to dissolve. In the manufacturing of foods and beverages, this creates significant concerns with consistency, quality, and taste.

The Fristam plower blending system is highly effective at creating a uniform mixture of powder into liquid. It is a different method than other powder blender using a vacuum to pull the powder into the stream of liquid. Other systems use a method of pushing the powder into the liquid, creating a greater likelihood of clumps rather than the find powder entering the fluid stream.

There are other systems on the market using the same funnel feed idea. However, these rely on the gravity or a vortex and sometimes the Venturi effect to reduce fluid pressure as the powder enters the system.

The Basics

At first thought, there may be a concern the powder feed would become blocked with wet powder throughout the operation. However, the high powered vacuum of the Fristam plower blending system maintains continuous pressure and the powder feed is also continuous. This allows the powder to immediately enter the liquid stream from the funnel, eliminating any risk of clumping or blocking.

In operation, the Fristam plower blending pump is responsible for pulling the fluid into the mixer. The liquid then creates the vacuum as it reaches the liquid control valve. This vacuum, which is created just below the funnel hopper, pulls the powder into the stream in a continuous flow.

In addition, the system also includes additional blending as the mixture goes back through the pump. Here is another Shear Blender as part of the equipment, which ensures any slight clumps or lumps are broken up completely before exiting the system.

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