Handling A Premise Liability With A Personal Injury Attorney In South Windsor, CT

In Connecticut, a premise liability occurs when a visitor sustains an injury at or inside a property. The event is often caused by structural damage or other hazards that aren’t managed appropriately. A Personal Injury Attorney in South Windsor CT helps victims who were injured due to a premise liability.

The Owner’s Liability

The owner is liable if any visitor sustains an injury due to hazards in or around the property. All residential and commercial properties must meet specific building codes at all times. Commercial properties in which customers visit frequently must be assessed for risks each day. All employers must manage liabilities inside the building that could produce worker-related injuries.

Did the Owner Know About the Hazard?

The key detail of a premise liability claim is to prove that the owner knew about the hazard. The claim should show that there wasn’t any way possible that the owner couldn’t have known about the issue. The laws require the owner to assess all areas in which visitors and customers enter. A failure deems the owner liable and requires them to provide compensation to victims.

Were Company Policies Followed?

Company policies are enforced by employers in retail settings. The policies are meant to reduce the potential for a slip and fall injury. If the workers didn’t comply with the policies, the owner of the establishment and the manager is liable for the customer’s injuries.

How Badly was the Victim Injured?

Next, the severity of the customer’s injuries is evaluated. The liability increased according to whether or not the victim sustained serious injuries. Conditions that are permanent or present a disability could lead to a more substantial award for the victims if they win the claim.

In Connecticut, a premise liability is based on the failures of a property owner. The condition or hazard in or on the property wasn’t managed properly, and the victim sustained an injury. The hazards could include chemical spills, uneven flooring, debris around construction zones, or a failure to repair the property. An attorney helps victims who sustain injuries due to the events. Victims who need legal help contact a Personal Injury Attorney in South Windsor CT at Kahan, Kerensky and Capossela LLP right now.

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