What You Should Know About Ground Bee Control In Pittsburgh?

In Pennsylvania, extermination teams perform services to remove harmful insects. Among these pests are various species of bees that build colonies and hives undergrown. Adequate pest control services kill the ground bees and prevent personal injuries. A local exterminator provides details about Ground Bee Control in Pittsburgh.

What Chemicals are Used to Treat Bee Infestations?

The exterminator distributes insecticides throughout the lawn and neighboring flowerbeds. All hives discovered are sprayed as well. The extermination team removes the hives after all bees have died. The process is repeated until the infestation is under control.

What are the Most Common Ground Bees?

The most common ground bees are a specific breed of yellow jacket that builds colonies less than two feet below the ground. The pests are attracted to fruits, especially pears and apples, and they use the fruits as a food source. Because they burrow into the ground, the bees could attack the property owner with little to no warning. The species is aggressive and will attack if their nest is disturbed.

Endangered Bee Species Removal

Professional bee removal is required for endangered bee species. The rusty patch bumble bee was added the U.S. endangered species list within the past year. For this reason, pesticides and chemicals are not used to remove the bee habitat from residential or commercial properties. The extermination service must follow specific removal procedures and relocate the bee habitat.

What are the Major Benefits of Pest Control for Bees?

The services prevent new beehives in the target area and lower the risk of property damage when the bees burrow. Property owners who are allergic to bees won’t face dire risks that could lead to anaphylaxis. Select extermination services provide restoration services for affected areas, too.

In Pennsylvania, extermination services help property owners manage emerging pest infestations. The bee control options eliminate bees and hives that are located under and above ground. The extermination team distributes pesticides to kill the insects and prevent possible personal injuries for the residents. Property owners who need to schedule Ground Bee Control in Pittsburgh can contact The-Beeman or visit the website for further details about appointments now.

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