Tips for Spotting Real Vintage Rolex Watches in Colorado Springs

When it comes to watchmakers, perhaps no brand is as synonymous as a Rolex. This brand of watches have been the go to luxury brand for many years and they still continue to be one of the most popular and sought-after watches available. The good thing about purchasing a Rolex is that even though the price of a new Rolex is extremely high, even for vintage or secondhand Rolex watches, the quality that is built into each Rolex watch is beyond comparison. That’s why, if a person is looking for previously owned rolex watches in Colorado Springs, it will be important to know when somebody is looking at a fake Rolex watch.

Second Hand Motion

With the market for previously owned rolex watches in Colorado Springs being so substantial, it’s not surprising that for every vintage Rolex watch, experts say there are at least 3 to 4 fake Rolex watches on the market. Knowing what to look for is essential. For example, the second hand movement on a fake Rolex watch is typically a dead giveaway. Rolex second hands technically tick, but they do so 4 to 6 times every second, which gives the illusion of a smooth running secondhand. If a Rolex watch ticks every second, that’s a good sign that the watch is fake.

A Light Rolex is a Fake Rolex

The other thing to keep in mind is that because of the quality of a Rolex watch case and the multiple moving parts inside of the watch compartment, a Rolex is a heavy timepiece. When a person is considering purchasing a vintage Rolex and they notice that it is a bit on the light side, this is a strong indication that the watch that is being considered is a cheap copy.

There are other things that can highlight a fake Rolex watch as compared to a real Rolex. However, by looking at the second hand motion and gauging the weight of the watch, you can easily spot signs of a knockoff Rolex watch. If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a watch that isn’t the real thing, you may want to find a reputable watch dealer and schedule an appointment to view various authentic Rolex watches.

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