What You Should Know About Facelifts

There are two polar-opposite views in society about facelifts. One touts that confidence is the most important attribute in a woman’s character, which leads to her leading a better life in general. The other side believes that going under the knife is a superficial endeavor that will lead to an illusion of temporary happiness, and that there’s a deeper issue that needs to be resolved within one’s self to unlock true happiness and confidence. Whatever side you are on, the results of a skilled facelift will make any observer think the person is younger than they truly are.

How It Can Be Done

These days, there are two types of facelifts in the plastic surgery industry. One is where the phrase “going under the knife” comes from and is the traditional facelift, requiring you to go into an operation (anesthesia, scalpels, sutures, and other things included) and recover for 7 to 10 days. The other, more advanced surgery is becoming known as “lunchtime surgery” and is far less invasive. Derma-fillers and Botox combinations are used in injections that plump and smooth almost immediately, and your recovery time can take 1-3 days before the results set in.

The Downsides To Both Procedures

You are probably thinking the less invasive surgery makes the most sense, and for a lot of people it does. The problem with this “lunchtime” procedure is that its results will only last for up to a year and a half. Now, depending on the person this could be an advantage because the results are not permanent, but most people going for a facelift want results that will last longer than this.

As for the truly surgical procedure, the results are permanent. The risk you run, though, is having results that you are not happy with. The other problem that can occur is that the results may not hold up to your benefit as the years go by, because aging still occurs after the procedure.

Things To Consider

Before you jump into a decision about getting a face lift in Chicago, you should think about why you have the urge. This requires you to have the courage to go deep down into yourself for the true answer of why you want this procedure. Ultimately, it is you who makes this decision – and if you can’t summon the confidence in your natural appearance, then at least you have the confidence in your decision to go through with a procedure. All in all, you are beautiful no matter what you decide to do with your body.

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