Tips From Movers In Raton, FL To Reduce Moving Costs

Moving on a budget may not be as difficult as you first assume. In fact, hiring professional movers in Raton, FL may not be as costly as renting a truck, paying for fuel, having to drive a strange, large, unusual vehicle and then having to unload everything at your destination.

There are different options, and ways movers recommend to help customers to lower the cost of their move. Keep in mind for long distance moves the cost will be based on the weight of the load and the distance while for local moves you won’t have the additional cost of the mileage unless it exceeds a pre-set amount set by the moving company.

Pack your Boxes

To help to cut costs, you can always pack your boxes and have everything ready for when the movers arrive. This is not as big of a task as you may think if you have time to do it slowly and a little bit at a time.

You will have to purchase supplies such as boxes, tape, markers and packing material. You may find that the moving company provides these at a very competitive rate or may even offer some supplies as part of the service.

Move at Off-Peak Times

Moving happens year round, but for movers, the busiest months are from late May through to the first of September. This is when kids are out of school so often parents plan moves based on this schedule.

The other peak times are the first and end of the month and the middle of the month. These are most commonly requested times for rental and apartment moves.

Moving outside of these times can help you to save money, particularly on long-distance moves. Companies may even offer specials and incentives in those off-peak moving times.

Lighten the Load

One important piece of advice from movers is to get rid of stuff you don’t want and don’t use. Since all moving costs are based on weight, lightening the load on the truck is going to cut the cost of the move, often significantly.

Large items such as hide-a-beds, sectionals, appliances, pool tables, pianos and other similar items are the most costly to move. If you were thinking of upgrading, now is a good time to sell them, save the money, and buy new at your destination.

If you are moving from Boca Raton, FL on a budget talks to movers about how you can help to save costs. They will have great ideas and selections, and they will try to work with you and your budget to make sure the move happens.

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