The Nose Knows: How Rhinoplasty can Improve your Health

In the age of social media, there’s an enormous amount of scrutiny put on people of all kinds. Sagging skin and wrinkles, very normal signs of aging in a human body, are put under a microscope and criticized or applauded by strangers on the internet. Plenty of people are subconscious about the size of their noses, while some remain unbothered. Beauty standards implemented by society, especially in areas like Los Angeles or OC, can have a significant influence on the minds of some, and rhinoplasty may become a top necessity.

But nose jobs don’t merely serve the purpose of satisfying a vain itch. Those with breathing problems, such as a deviated septum, or birth or traumatic defects, such as those caused by an accident, can find an improvement in their ability to breathe after a nose job. This type of plastic surgery isn’t always about the nose’s appearance; indeed, it can have a profound effect on the lives of those with breathing problems, and offer them an entirely new lease on life.

However, rhinoplasty isn’t merely beneficial to those with medical problems. Those with noses they feel are too big or too small or too crooked or too different may struggle with their sense of identity. They may have even been bullied growing up, or continue to face it in their adult lives. A physical difference in their body can be a massive hurdle for an individual to attempt to climb, and some may not have the strength to do so.

A nose job offers those who dislike something about their nose to change its appearance. And with this change in appearance, guided by a knowledgeable doctor and surgeon team, an individual’s self-esteem can vastly improve. Self-love starts with one’s own heart, and sometimes you need a boost to reach that level of self-love. If rhinoplasty is the solution for you, pursue this option with the help of your doctor and a renowned surgeon.

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