What You Should Do After Being Bitten by a Third-Party’s Dog

Dogs are beloved pets that people enjoy having in their life, they often become an extension of a person’s family and referred to as their fur babies. While some people have dogs for security purposes, they are often a companion that the owner enjoys having in their life. From public places to private homes, dogs can be found in a variety of places. While their nature can be gentle, in some cases there are dogs that are aggressive by breed or have been neglected that make their behavior impulsive around people they do not know. When an incident occurs where a canine injures an individual, it is important to know what you should do after the attack and when you should consult a dog bite lawyer in Los Angeles.

Steps to Follow After an Attack

  • If possible, you should obtain information on the owner of the dog such as name and where they live.
  • You should immediately obtain medical attention for the bite no matter how severe the injury is. This is to help protect your health and document the attack with a medical facility.
  • Gather contact information of anyone that witnessed the dog attack.
  • Take photographs of your injuries sustained from the attack and of the area where the dog bit you at.
  • Consult with a dog bite lawyer in Los Angeles about the incident to learn what your legal rights are and how they can help you obtain compensation for your injuries.

Select an Attorney Familiar with Animal Attack Laws

When it comes to dog bites or other animal attacks, it can be difficult to prove your case. There are various factors that must be proved to successfully win your claim such as proving which animal attacked you and the owner of the pet. The Law Offices of Jual F. Reyes is familiar with the California laws pertaining dog bites and the steps required to prove the responsible party should be held liable for their dog’s actions.

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