Do You Have Choice of Auto Body Shop When Involved In an Accident?

Okay, if we just cut to the chase and answer the question in the title above, we’d say that it is “Yes, you absolutely can choose your own, preferred body shop if your vehicle was harmed in an accident.”

If we want to take a wider look at the issue, we need to consider several points. They include:

  • Will you get the kind of repair you need and want?
  • Do they have a contract with your insurance company?
  • Is there going to be a warranty on the work?

Here is why you need to consider these issues when selecting whether or not to use the body shop your insurance company recommends.

First things first, your insurance company is likely to have a list of contracted vendors they already have a history working with it. They do this to control the costs of repairs. For instance, they might have negotiated a lower hourly rate on the body shop repairs and other services done on cars covered under their plans. They might also have discounts on materials and parts.

Most admit that their goal is to see at least 40% of their claims go to the shops they work with, and so you may encounter resistance if you opt for a body shop that is not their preferred provider. They might say it is inefficient to choose an alternative and that it can take longer for the job to finish as the adjuster may not get there quickly. They might even warn that they can’t warranty the work if it is not done at their shop.

Should you worry? No. The best shops typically offer warranties on their work, anyway – whether you or the insurer is paying the tab. Additionally, any shop worth its name will already understand how your insurance provider operates, the names of the adjusters and all the rest – meaning that they can do it as quickly as the partnered shop.

If you are in the Aurora, CO and have had an accident, you’ll want to choose the most experienced and skilled shop to do the repairs on your precious car or truck. BJs Auto Theft & Collision is one such service offering lifetime warranties on their work, Icar trained techs and an A+ BBB rating, they can handle any job as effectively, if not more so than the insurance company’s preferred firms.

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