Truths, Myths & Misconceptions About Paintless Dent Repair

If you have never heard of paintless dent repair (or PDR), it’s not too difficult to explain. PDR is a process where damage is removed from an automobile panel without using paint, sanding, grinding, or other fillers.

This type of technique started many years ago, but things have changed over the years. New techniques have made it easier to remove dents and dings from your car than ever before. Advances in technology, extensive training, and more adaptable tools are all part of the reason that this technology is taking off.

While we’re talking about myths, let’s dispel right now the idea that you can use dry ice, suction cups, or dent poppers to fix the issue. Sure, it might fix some specific types of dents but anything more difficult will find no remedy from these do-it-yourself options. Rather than falling for one of these, it’s a better idea to find a technician with the tools and skills to properly remove your dents.

A technician understands how to use hand-eye coordination, sight, and a reflective source to pinpoint the exact spot where the middle of the dent is located. They then use a special tool placed on that spot along with a device to lift and pull the metal closer to where it should be. This often takes quite a bit of work and many pulls. You can do this yourself but without training, it’s unlikely to turn out the way you would like.

Of course, this doesn’t mean every auto shop near you has skilled technicians. As PDR is becoming more well-known, it’s not surprising that people are jumping on the bandwagon with little skill, training, or tools. Don’t go with a random contractor that you find on Craigslist; look for a shop that is reputable and can provide examples of their work.

A technician who has specialized in PDR has spent hundreds of hours learning how to do what they do and it shows. It also means that jumping on the first person with a cheap price may not be beneficial. Those with the real skills will often require a price for what they provide.

In Littleton, Colorado, Elite Hail Solutions has the professionals you need. They offer paintless dent repair that you can trust. You can expect a free estimate, along with help dealing with your insurance and even a rental care. Give them a call at 303-284-8651.

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