What to Know About Hearing Aids in Norwich CT

Hearing is one of the primary ways a person perceives the world. Unfortunately, not every person has a complete hearing. Diseases, other health conditions, and trauma can lead to partial or total hearing loss. When this occurs, a person may be able to regain hearing using a hearing aid. The following information will give further insight into Hearing Aids in Norwich CT.

A hearing aid is an electronic device that amplifies sound. This device can be worn inside the ear or behind it. A hearing aid can be adjusted to make sound audible in a quiet or noisy environment. Being able to hear and understand what other people are saying makes it easier to participate in numerous daily activities. This listening device includes a speaker, microphone, and amplifier. Sound travels through the microphone where it’s converted to electrical signals. The microphone then sends these signals to the amplifier. The amplifier, in turn, boosts the sound so it can be heard by a person as it travels through the speaker.

A person who has a sensorineural hearing loss is a prime candidate for using a hearing aid. This type of hearing loss involves damage to the hair cells in the inner ear. As sound travels through the speaker into the ear, functional hair cells detect the presence of enhanced vibrations. This enhanced sound is then sent to the brain. Having an inner ear that is too damaged can result in a hearing aid being ineffective.

Visiting a doctor is the first step in determining whether a hearing aid will benefit you. The doctor may refer you to a specialist such as an audiologist or otolaryngologist. These professionals can run tests to determine the type of hearing loss a patient has. The right hearing aid can be selected after seeing a specialist. This will help a person communicate more efficiently and easily. It can also help a hearing impaired person regain independence. For more information on Hearing Aids in Norwich CT, please Contact County Hearing And Balance. The experts at this audiology practice can help with numerous services including hearing devices, hearing loss, vertigo, and tinnitus.

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