What Does it Take to Recover from Water Damage in Virginia Beach, VA?

Whether the water damage in Virginia Beach VA, is the result of a storm or a broken water main, the homeowner still has to deal with the aftermath. The goal is to salvage as much as possible and still ensure the structure is sturdy enough for occupation. Here are some ways that a professional can help the homeowner recover and get things back to normal.

Water Extraction

Getting the water out of the house is a priority. Along with making it easier to determine how much damage was done. Extracting the water will also stop more water damage in Virginia Beach VA, from taking place. The methods used will often include industrial-strength vacuuming equipment that is capable of pulling water out of fabric as well as off a floor. Having this done as soon as possible will make it easier to save more of the structure and the properly owner’s possessions.

How About the Carpeting?

Many people assume that when a home is flooded, the carpeting is a total loss. That is the case in a number of instances. Depending on how quickly the recovery work can begin, it may be possible to salvage some, if not all, of the carpeting. After pulling out as much water as possible, the carpeting can be removed from the home and treated to kill and mold that may be lurking in the fibers. After the floors are cleaned, dried, and checked for stability, fresh padding can be installed. Assuming the carpeting is saved, it can be put back in place.

Can Upholstered Furniture Be Saved?

Depending on how long upholstered pieces were exposed to the water, there is a chance of saving them. An expert can check the wooden framework and determine if the wood is warped. If not, and the stuffing and upholstery can be dried and treated, the homeowner will be able to use those pieces for many more years.

If some sort of disaster does take place, don’t assume that all is lost. Contact an expert who knows how to deal with water damage in the home. Once the situation is evaluated by a professional, it will be possible to know what can stay and what has to go.

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