Why You Should Prepare Your Last Will and Testament.

Regardless of your health or mental state, you should consider preparing your last will and testament. Whether you live in Houston, Texas, or Boston, Massachusetts, you need to give yourself some peace of mind. While you may think nothing is going to happen to me today, no one knows how many days we have on this planet. Think Boy Scout’s, whose motto reads, “Prepared” for anything to happen.

Reasons to Prepare a Last Will and Testament

While the courts in Houston, Texas don’t legally require you to prepare a last will and testament, it is in your best interest to do so. There are several reasons why you should consider preparing your last will and testament as soon as you can legally do so. By preparing your last will and testament, you:

    Ensure the state does not determine who gets what from your estate. They are legally bound to do so if you die intestate (without a will)

•    Can choose the person who will act as your executor. This is very important. This individual is responsible for making sure the terms of your will are carried out. The executor decides who gets the assets following probate and paying off the bills and any taxes.

•    Can ensure a minor is taken care of by appointing a guardian of your choice.

•    Make certain any companion animals are treated with the attention they deserve for as long as they live. In Houston, Texas, you can do so under a “pet trust” or in the additional instructions of your last will and testament.

•    Can create a testamentary trusts or bypass trust to ensure your children and spouse are taken care of. It is one way your last will and testament can ensure certain individuals receive the benefit of your love and trust after you are gone

•    Can disinherit an heir

•    Ensure your property and other assets go to the people you – not the courts – choose.

•    Make sure your funeral wishes are followed the way you specify. It will prevent a funeral when you wanted cremation or a mass when you wanted a wake. By being specific about your afterlife arrangements, you will also reduce any extra burden on your loved ones.

•    Reduce stress for yourself and for those you leave behind by making everything clear and leaving nothing to argue about or over.

•    Expedite the court process. A will generally reduce the overall cost of settling your estate. This means more remains for your beneficiaries.

Such are the basic reasons for preparing your last will and testament.

Your Last Will and Testament

It is important to prepare and execute your last will and testament. You need to do so for many different, but related reasons. It is not simply about ensuring your property does not fall into the hands of the officials of Houston or Texas.  It is about making everything easier and less stressful for those we leave behind. For our loved ones and friends, a last will and testament are a clear communication of everything from funeral arrangements to the distribution of property, therefore, removing much of the element of doubt and replacing it with your own expression of clarity.

At 10 Minute Will, we provide you with the tools to put together in Houston, a Last Will And Testament. As concerned individuals, we want to make sure your family and loved ones are taken care of if you die unexpectedly. Let us help you with our easy to fill in, step-by-step forms prepare your will without harming your savings.

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