What To Expect From Pre-School Programs In Fairfield, CT

In Connecticut, moms who want to enroll their child into a preschool program that is a little different can review new options. The programs are available for moms who want to participate with their kids, and those who need assistance when running errands. The local gym provides pre-school programs in Fairfield CT to meet the needs of all moms.

Who can Participate in the Programs?

Children between the ages of twelve months and six years are welcome to join the preschool programs. The programs offer classes specifically for each age group. Children are divided into small classes and assigned to an instructor.

What Preschool Programs are Available?

Children between twelve months and four years old are assigned to the “Star Brights” and the “Come with Me” classes. The transitional classes require parents to participate with their child. Essentially, the preschool programs present children with the basics and help them transition to instructor-led courses.

Fun yoga courses are available to strengthen the connection between the kids and their mothers. All participants learn yoga poses and strengthen their bodies through a precise program. All participants are encouraged to bring their own yoga mats and towels.

The lunchtime program is designed for children who are between three and six. Parents can drop off their kids for the program during their lunch break. All kids participate in arts, crafts, games, and structured gymnastics-based activities. All kids are provided with lunch as well.

The inside playground is also a great opportunity for moms to bring their kids to play together. It gives the kids and their moms a chance to cultivate new friendships. The program allows the kids to play at the climate-controlled playground without getting overheated in the summer or too cold in the winter. It is an ideal solution for everyone.

In Connecticut, parents who want to introduce their kids to gymnastics or yoga have access to exciting programs. Preschool gymnastics and yoga programs are designed to help kids meet new friends and learn new skills. Parents who want to enroll their kids into pre-school programs in Fairfield CT can Visit Nextdimensiongymnastics.com right now.

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