Considering Some New Storefront Signs in Hawaii? Here’s What You Need to Know

In the new age of online marketing, we’ve become overwhelmed by extensive digital ad campaigns, tedious SEO initiatives, and a myriad of other web-based promotional tools.

But it’s important to note that traditional modes of advertising such as physical storefront signs and personalized display graphics still represent the foremost way to enhance your brand name and increase sales without spending a fortune along the way.

So if you’ve been thinking about purchasing a new assortment of storefront signs in Hawaii, for instance, this brief article will help you understand why this is such an important decision in today’s day and age.

First Impressions

Contrary to popular belief, it only takes a potential consumer about seven seconds to draw an initial impression of your organization and it takes upwards of seven subsequent visits for the individual to change that preliminary viewpoint, particularly if it happens to be a negative one.

This is why 68% of customers believe that storefront signs are a direct indicator of the quality of a particular business and its in-house product line or service offering. Quality signage can make or break potential sales right from the get-go.

Creating Sales Opportunities Out of Thin Air

According to a recent consumer survey, almost 70% of Americans have made an unplanned purchase simply because a particular sign caught their eyes. This is why it’s so imperative to implement a dynamic assortment of posters, banners, floor graphics, backdrops, and storefront signs on your premises. You’ll be able to reel in customers who would otherwise leave without spending a single dollar.

Cost-Effective Exposure

If you had any doubts about the value-added benefits associated with modernized signage, take a look at the facts and figures shown below:

  *     74% of all purchase decisions are made while the consumer is in the actual store.

  *     Three out of every four Americans have told a friend or family member about an eye-catching sign or display graphic, oftentimes in the form of a smartphone snapshot or social media post.

  *     Every additional sign implemented on your premises can increase your annual gross revenue by almost 5%, especially if it’s used to promote a discount, bonus deal, or limited-time-only offering.

If you’re ready to redefine your storefront and start increasing on-site foot traffic, feel free to visit Sitename  to begin fabricating a tailor-made collection of dynamic signage for your business.

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