Tips For Selecting Contract Manufacturing For Pharma Businesses

New businesses in the pharmaceutical industry face a very steep learning curve when it comes to choosing contract manufacturers. These third-party services will be instrumental in all stages of the development of the medication, including in pre-formulation, formulation and development, analysis and then into manufacturing and packaging.

Choosing the best service offering contract manufacturing for pharma businesses, particularly a new business, starts with getting as much information possible about the different CDMOs (Contract Development Manufacturing Organizations) available. For pharmaceutical companies in the United States, consider prioritizing for US-based CDMOs, which will allow for easier communication and opportunities to benefit from their experience with American requirements and standards in pharmaceutical development.

Confidentiality and Intellectual Property Issue

A very important consideration for any outsourcing and contract manufacturing for pharma businesses is always the protection of their idea and research. Look for pharmaceutical contract manufacturers with a solid reputation for protecting the intellectual property of their customers.
Different countries will have different options in what is considered protected property. In a few countries offering contract manufacturing for pharma business, there is no protection, which can leave your new drug in a vulnerable position during development.

Learn About the Company

The CDMO selected is going to have a very big impact on the success of your pharmaceutical product. This is not an area where the price should be the most important factor for choosing a provider. Instead, look for companies with experience, a top reputation in quality control and a company that hasn’t been involved in a recall or lawsuit due to issues with research, production, and packaging.

Typically, supply chain issues will also be an important consideration. The established CDMOs will have experience in working with other partners in the supply chain, or they will offer a full range of services that limit logistics and streamlines the production process.

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