What is Shamanic Drumming?

There are many traditions that have survived the test of time, and the power of music is no exception. Melodies, harmonies and rhythms have remained at the core of many cultures and civilizations throughout history.

Shamanic drumming is a practice that began in ancient times by indigenous people who believed that this rhythm would allow them to sink into a calmer state for meditation and that this sound brought them closer to God and the spirits. The drumming accesses the alpha, beta, and theta waves in the human mind, allowing a psychic closeness to transcend planes and dimensions while aligning the chakras and solidifying the body from external forces that can cause physical or mental illness.

Shamanic drumming can be used to stimulate creative thinking, release tension, relieve stress and allow you to fall in love with yourself again. It allows you to embark on a journey which can be used to transcend time and space to find a spiritual connection with yourself and others. This practice can be used to contact animals, past loved ones and the earth, creating spiritual unity between communities.

The practice of Shamanic drumming at LightSong School of Shamanic Studies and Energy Medicine provides healing and personal empowerment for students, through sound. There is ability to self-heal inside all human beings and with journeying you can find a scientifically proven form of change. You will shed the bindings that were instilled in you by the conditioning of archaic beliefs that you are not worthy of love and you will learn to fall in love with yourself again.

Opening communication and expressing kindness with all living creatures is possible. At LightSong School, you will be shown that love and gentleness will become invaluable to you after you have experienced your first journey. Through pulse, rhythm, and sound your soul will be open to a new way of life that is filled with kindness and love.

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