What is Lal Kitab astrology?

Lal Kitab predictions in Sunnyvale can help you live a life with purpose, precision and focus. These are based on Hindu Astrology, also called Vedic Astrology. It has been used for thousands of years, and is based on ancient Hindu sacred texts. The origin can also be traced to Persian roots. What makes Lal Kitab different is that they come with remedies; so predictions can be prepared for. If the predictions are negative, remedies can help prevent the situation from happening at all.

Lal Kitab is made up of a set of five books, writing in Urdu, on palmistry and Astrology. These were written in the 19th century and are based on Samudrika Shastra. The fundamentals of the book are made up of poetic verses, philosophy and hidden nuances.

Basically, these books outline remedies and strategies that we must use to deal with our bad karma. Vedic Astrology, otherwise known as Indian Astrology, can give us an accurate picture of how your life will turn out, your destiny, your personality and challenges you will face along the way. Complex mathematical formulas are used to determine your life’s purpose. Lal Kitab takes things one step further by giving you the tools and strategies you can employ to make sure you have the best life possible.

Remedies could include any one or combination of the following:

  • Wearing certain metals or jewels
  • Chanting
  • Meditation
  • Giving to charity
  • Observing certain vows

If you are experiencing difficulties or challenges in your life, going to an Indian Astrologer and following the Lal Kitab remedies can help you neutralize your pain. For example, you may be able to overcome your financial difficulties by wearing a silver necklace and giving a small amount of money to charity.

An experienced Astrologer can help you determine what hardships may be coming up, or what good things will come your way. The key is to be open to suggestions and follow their guidance and advice.

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